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Helmer Platelet Incubators

Precisely executed. Sharply designed.

Helmer has provided high-quality laboratory equipment and refrigerated products for over 30 years. Our experience and attention to detail allow us to provide a product that offers superior uniformity, outstanding reliability, and exceptional benefits that bring value every day. In addition, our commitment to service and support ensures satisfaction throughout the life of your product. Whether storing blood products, reagents, vaccines, or medication, a Helmer product offers TrueBlue™ protection.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

  • Superior chamber temperature uniformity with forced-air refrigeration system and precision pulse heating
  • Operating temperature range from +20°C to +35°C
  • Bacteria-resistant powder coated interior and exterior for added security
  • Exclusive Auto-Stop/Start ensures continuous agitation of platelets

Secure Monitoring for a Safe Storage Environment

  • Digital temperature display (i.Center® Monitoring System included on i.Series® incubators)
  • AgiTrak™ System monitors agitator performance (i.Series®)
  • Password protected configuration (i.Series®)
  • Key lock

Designed for Convenience & Performance

  • Countertop and floor models from 15 to 396 random bags (5 to 132 apheresis bags)
  • All controls located in one convenient location

i.Series® and Horizon Series™ Lines

Platelets merit the most advanced alarm/monitoring available because of their limited supply and short shelf life. The name Helmer has long been synonymous with dependable platelet storage. We have combined our experience and innovation to bring you the most advanced Platelet Storage Systems available today.

Helmer offers two distinct platelet storage systems. The i.Series® line offers many unique features. The i.Center® Monitoring System anchors this top-of-the-line series. Password protection, automatic high/low alarm testing, event log of alarm conditions, LCD viewscreen, and a 5 year compressor warranty provide advanced monitoring for the storage of this valuable blood component.

The Horizon Series™ offers temperature control with alarms. It features LED digital temperature display, programmable high and low temperature alarms, manual alarm checks, and a programmable operating range.

Helmer offers three floor model platelet incubators. These units feature eye level controls and alarms. The PC2200 contains two shelves and holds two PF96 agitators. The PC3200 has three shelves and holds three PF96 agitators. The PC2200 and PC3200 units are equipped with roll out drawers for easy access to the agitators inside. The PC4200 is the largest capacity platelet incubator available. It features a built-in agitator with a capacity of 396 random bags (132 apheresis bags).

Our countertop platelet incubators offer an efficient use of counter space with top mounted controls. Each of the three countertop models holds a single agitator.

Temperature Control and Monitoring


  • i.Center® Monitoring System
  • Dual stainless steel monitoring probes (PC3200i and PC4200i)
  • Single stainless steel monitoring probe (all other models)

Horizon Series™

  • Microprocessor temperature controller with built-in alarm/monitor
  • Single stainless steel monitoring probe

i.Series® and Horizon Series™

  • Digital microprocessor temperature controller factory set to 22°C
  • 4" (102mm), 7-day circular chart recorder with the following features:
    • Inkless, pressure-sensitive chart paper with a range of 0°C to 35°C
    • Electronic drive mechanism for consistent results
    • Battery backup ensuring continuous operation
    • Touch button controls for chart changes and calibration
    • Power status indicator

Refrigeration System

  • Air-cooled, forced-air refrigeration system
  • Non-CFC, commercially available refrigerant
  • Automatic condensate evaporator
  • Forced-air circulation maintains chamber uniformity of ±1°C and provides quick recovery

Cabinet Construction

  • Auto-Stop/Start feature pauses agitation when incubator door is opened and automatically resumes agitation when door is closed
  • Bacteria-resistant, powder-coated steel interior, exterior, and door handles
  • Dual-pane tempered glass door(s) with magnetic seal (floor models and PC100)
  • Retractable, single-pane, tempered glass door (PC900 and PC1200)
  • Top mounted controls
  • Swivel locking casters (floor models)
  • Key lock
i.Series® / Horizon Series™ Monitoring
i.Series® Horizon Series™
i.Center® advanced alarm/monitorMicroprocessor temperature controller and alarm
  • i.Center® LCD viewscreen
  • Automatic high/low temperature alarm testing (Peltier based)
  • Password protected configuration
  • Dual temperature probes (PC3200i and PC4200i)
  • Single temperature probe (other models)
  • Digital display of chamber temperature
  • Event log of alarm conditions
  • AgiTrak™ System (includes RPM display screen, agitator cycle counter, and motion alarm)
  • LCD 24-hour temperature graph
  • Dry contact alarm connection
  • Digital calibration
  • Flash memory upgradable
  • Battery backup with continuous auto battery check
  • Date and time display
  • Alarm mute with adjustable ring-back interval
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Adjustable alarm volume and type
  • Optional RS232 data port
  • High and low temperature alarms
  • Door ajar alarm
  • Power failure alarm
  • Condenser temperature alarms
  • No battery alarm
  • Low battery alert (visual)
  • Change chart paper alert (visual)
  • LED digital display
  • Manual alarm test
  • Controller lockout
  • Single temperature probe (all models)
  • Dry contact alarm connection
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • Fixed alarm volume and type
  • High and low temperature alarms
  • Power failure alarm

For detailed specifications, please refer to brochure.

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
PC2200h Horizon Series Platelet Incubator (115V 60Hz)// Incubateur pour plaquettes (115V 60Hz) série Horizon modèle PC2200hLogin to see pricing
PC3200h Horizon Series Platelet Incubator (115V 60Hz)//Incubateur pour plaquettes (115V 60Hz) série Horizon modèle PC3200hLogin to see pricing
PC4200h Horizon Series Platelet Incubator (115V 60Hz)//Incubateur pour plaquettes (115V 60Hz) série Horizon modèle PC4200hLogin to see pricing
PC2200i i.Series Platelet Incubator (115V 60Hz)//Incubateur pour plaquettes (115V 60Hz) série i. modèle PC2200iLogin to see pricing
PC3200i i.Series Platelet Incubator (115V 60Hz)// Incubateur pour plaquettes (115V 60Hz) série i. modèle PC3200iLogin to see pricing
PC4200i i.Series Platelet Incubator (115V 60Hz)// Incubateur pour plaquettes (115V 60Hz) série i. modèle PC4200iLogin to see pricing
PC100-Pro i.Series- Platelet Incubator - Countertop (with capacity for one PF15-Pro i.Series- Platelet Agitator) // Incubateur de plaquettes PC100-Pro i.Series- - de comptoir (avec capacité pour un agitateur de plaquettes PF15-Pro i.Series-)Login to see pricing
PC900-Pro i.Series- Platelet Incubator - Countertop (with capacity for one PF48-Pro i.Series- Platelet Agitator)Login to see pricing
PC1200-Pro i.Series- Platelet Incubator - Countertop (with capacity for one PF96-Pro i.Series- Platelet Agitator)Login to see pricing