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Helmer Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

The benefits of Helmer Scientific Ultra-Low Freezers go beyond what you can see because How It’s Made Matters.

  • Critical information at hand with i.C3® monitoring, provides peace of mind and early detection of alarm states
  • Advanced oil management means exceptionally reliable performance
  • Unique Heat Barrier System™ keeps heat out, resulting in superior temperature uniformity and reduction of frost
  • Intelligently designed software and optimal component placement provide diagnostic support and serviceability, resulting in less downtime
  • Manufactured with advanced technologies to guarantee TrueBlue™ performance

INTERACTIVE DEMO: How it's made matters

  • Innovative i.C3 User Interface and monitor offers advanced monitoring for protection of stored products
  • Custom low temperature dual cascade refrigeration system designed specifically for optimizing ultra low temperature freezer compressors providing better refrigerant and heat transfer
  • Three heat exchangers that improve compressor longevity and reduce leaks
  • Heated gas loop in the front of the body that minimizes frost between the door and the body
  • Reinforced and insulated inner doors and composite fiber door frame that that improve energy efficiency and temperature
  • Utilizes premium vacuum insulated panels (VIP) for energy efficiency and increased space
  • Door gasket system that combines bulb and wiper gaskets to seal and protect the cabinet from moisture and contaminates
iUF116Traditional 5" foam16 cu.ft.
453 L
23.1" x 49.5" x 23.3"
587mm x 1259mm x 592mm
37.1" x 78.2" x 37.5"
942mm x 1986mm x 953mm
iUF118Premium Vacuum Panels18 cu.ft.
510 L
23.1" x 54.1" x 23.3"
587mm x 1374mm x 592mm
32.5" x 78.2" x 37.5"
826mm x 1986mm x 953mm
iUF124Traditional 5" foam24 cu.ft.
680 L
34.4" x 49.5" x 23.3"
874mm x 1257mm x 592mm
48.4" x 78.2" x 37.5"
1229mm x 1986mm x 953mm
iUF126Premium Vacuum Panels26 cu.ft.
736 L
34.4" x 54.1" x 23.3"
874mm x 1374mm x 592mm
43.8" x 78.2" x 37.5"
1113mm x 1986mm x 953mm

Electrical Requirements: 208/230V 60Hz, 1 Phase, NEMA 6-15, 15 amp, separate breaker recommended

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
iUF118 iSeries UTL, 18 cu ft (510 Liters) // Congélateur à température ultra basse iUF118 de la Série i, 18 pi3 (510 litres)Login to see pricing
iUF126 i.Series UTL, 26 cu ft (736 Liters) // Congélateur à température ultra basse iUF126 de la Série i, 26 pi3 (736 litres)Login to see pricing