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PHCbi Freezers for the IVF Lab

Biomedical -30°C Upright Freezers

PHCbi’s MDF Series Biomedical Freezers are designed for long or intermediate-term storage at temperatures as low as -30°C. Constructed with high-performance laboratory and clinical-grade refrigeration systems, these freezers are used in medical, biotechnology and industrial labs for storage of blood components, enzymes, culture media, reagents, specimens and vaccines.

Microprocessor Controls:
Comprehensive setpoint, alarm, monitoring, and diagnostic functions supervised by the MDF Series microprocessor controller with digital display of all input/output function.

Enzyme Storage Freezer Bins (MDFU731M Only):
The optional full storage system, creates a flexible and convenient inventory system for enzymes and many other types of samples. The total system includes 14 storage bins and additional wire shelving.

Sample Storage Security: Keyed door lock and integrated padlock hasp are standard features.

Quiet Operation: The MDF Series has energy-efficient refrigeration design with no noisy condenser fan. In combination with low dB level compressor, this unit is uniquely quiet and perfect for in-lab installations.

Adjustable Shelving System: Four adjustable wire shelves with over 100 pound capacity each allowing for flexible material storage configurations.

Undercounter Laboratory Freezers

Optimized for space-savings and cold storage.
Designed for the demanding standards of clinical, life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and industrial laboratories. PHCbi undercounter refrigerators and freezers feature the state-of-the-art compressor technology for precise temperature regulation.

Versatile Application Design - Optimized temperature regulation for storage of key life science, pharmaceutical, and medical materials.

Specialized Monitoring Technology - High performance refrigeration with alarm and monitoring systems are suited for vaccine storage in clinics, hospitals, retail pharmacies, and laboratories.

Microprocessor Controls - Easy to read, angled LED display and keypad. Digital input of temperature with setpoint range from -15°C to -20°C allows for temperature flexibility.

Compact Design - Allows for easy installation under counter, counter top, or within the knee-well of laboratory cabinetry. Door shelves and standard shelving maximize product storage capacity. Units can be stacked and secured with stacking plates.

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • CFC Free
  • Automatic Alarm System
  • CPU and Touch Pad
  • Power Failure Alarm
  • Quiet and Reliable Compressor

Undercounter model:

  • Versatile Application Design
  • Specialized Monitoring Technology
  • Accessibility and Safety
  • Forced Air Circulation in Cabinet

ModelVolumeAlarm System
MDFU531217 cu.ft.
(482 L)
High/low temperature (SV ±5°C to ±15°C adjustable with ring -back function),
Power failure, Remote alarm contacts
MDFU73122 cu.ft.
(623 L)
High/low temperature, door ajar, remote alarm contact, memory backup
MDFU731M24.4 cu.ft.
(650 L)
High/low temperature, door ajar, remote alarm contact, memory backup
SFL6111W5.4 cu.ft. (153 L)-15°C to -20°C (Microprocessor)YesYes
ModelExterior Dimensions (W x F-B x H)Weight
MDFU531231.5" x 30.4" x 70.9" ( 800 x 772 x 1802 mm)260 lbs (118 kg)
MDFU73130.3" x 32.7" x 77.0" (770 x 830 x 1955 mm)330 lbs (150 kg)
MDFU731M30.3" x 32.7" x 77.0" (770 x 830 x 1955 mm)330 lbs (150 kg)
SFL6111W23.6" x 26.2" x 34.6" (600 x 660 x 879 mm)110 lbs (50 kg)

Electrical requirements: 115V, NEMA 5 -15

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/PAN-MDFMU549DHLPA_t.* does not exist
UPRIGHT FREEZER, -40C, 482L (17 CU.FT.) // CONGeLATEUR VERTICAL -40C 482 L. 17 P.C. 2 PORTES, UNITeLogin to see pricing
Upright Freezer -30C 482L (17 cu.ft) Dual-Door, Single-Compartment with circular 7-day temperature chart recorder // Congelateur vertical -30C 482L (17 pi3) porte double, compartiment simple avec enregistreur de temperature sur 7 jours circulaireLogin to see pricing
UPRIGHT FREEZER -30C 690L (24.4 CU.FT) Cold Wall Evaporator, MANUAL DEFROST, 115V, 60Hz, NEMA 5-15P // CONGeLATEUR VERTICAL -30C, 690L, 24.4 DeGIVRAGE MANUEL 115V, 60Hz, NEMA 5-15PLogin to see pricing
Upright Freezer -30C 690L (24.4 Cu.Ft) Manual Defrost 115V 60Hz with circular, 7-day, temperature chart recorder//CONGeLATEUR VERTICAL -30C, 690L, 24.4 DeGIVRAGE MANUEL 115V 60Hz AVEC ENREGISTREUR DE TEMPeRATURE 7 JOURSLogin to see pricing
UPRIGHT FREEZER -30C 623L (22.3 CU.FT) Forced Air Evaporator, AUTO DEFROST, 115v, 60 Hz, NEMA 5-15P // CONGeLATEUR VERTICAL, -30C 623L 22.3 DeGIVRAGE AUTOMATIQUE, 115V, 60Hz, NEMA 5-15PLogin to see pricing
Upright Freezer -30C 623L (22.3 cu.ft) Autodefrost 115V/60Hz with circular 7-day temperature chart recorder // Congelateur vertical -30C 623L (22,3 pi3) autodegivrage 115V/60Hz avec enregistreur de temperature sur 7 jours circulaireLogin to see pricing