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PHCbi VIP® PLUS Series Ultra-Low Freezers for the IVF Lab

Leading Performance with Greater Energy Savings

PHCbi VIP® ultra-low freezers represent the industry’s most complete combination of refrigeration, control, alarm, monitoring, and accessibility for product safety at -86°C. Ideal for material storage in repositories, hospitals, clinics, and medical research facilities, the VIP® Series freezers are designed to reduce energy consumption and offer optimal performance.

Uniformity you can trust

Combination of patented VIP® PLUS vacuum insulation panel with PHCbi designed compressors specific to ultralow applications, result in unmatched uniformity, that surpasses the strictest protocols, no matter where your samples are stored within the unit.


PHCbi compressors employs a unique orientation of components that increases compressor longevity and refrigeration capacity while reducing operating pressure and discharge temperatures – a key component that yields better reliability.

Validated Temperature Recovery

Increased reserve cooling capacity improves temperature recovery after door openings.

Energy Efficient Cascade Cooling

PHCbi cascade refrigeration system and the new improvements in the heat exchanger design drastically increase the efficiency of the entire system. The end result is less energy consumption, while improving the overall efficiency and reliability of the freezer. 31% more efficient results in greater energy savings.

  1. Easy-In/Easy-Out door latch for smooth, one-handed operation, positive seal against gasket. Padlock provision standard.
  2. Integrated, microprocessor-based control system and LED display includes comprehensive set-point, alarm, monitoring, diagnostic and communications functions.
  3. Insulated and gasketed inner doors seal inside to offer additional protection and improve uniformity. Inner door latches are standard. Doors can be easily removed for defrosting.
  4. Front access to washable, electrostatic condenser filter for routine condenser air filter cleaning.
  5. High impact, recessed casters and leveling feet simplify installation.
  6. New generation PHCbi designed Cool Safe compressors are specifically designed for low temperature applications.
  7. Multiple access ports permit insertion of independent probes, instrumentation or liquid N2 or liquid CO2 back-up injectors.
  8. Commercially available HFC-refrigerants are highly efficient, environmentally safe and non-ozone depleting.
  9. Remote alarm contacts and optional communication port available.
  10. Vacuum relief valve (Available on the MDFU56VC, MDFU76VC, and MDFU76VAPA

MDFC8V13.0 cu.ft. (84 L)2" boxes: 42; 3" boxes: 30
MDFU33V11.8 cu.ft. (334 L)2" boxes: 216; 3" boxes: 144
MDFU53VA18.3 cu.ft. (519 L)2" boxes: 352; 3" boxes: 244
MDFU56VC18.6 cu.ft. (526 L)2" boxes: 384; 3" boxes: 256
MDFU76VAPA25.7 cu.ft. (728 L)2" boxes: 576; 3" boxes: 384
MDFU76VC25.7 cu.ft. (728 L)2" boxes: 576; 3" boxes: 384
ModelExterior Dimensions (w x f-g x h)Weight
MDFC8V121.6" x 27.0" x 37.2" (550 x 685 x 945 mm)148 lbs (67 kg)
MDFU33V26.4" x 34.1" x 73.2" (670 x 866 x 1859 mm)562 lbs (255 kg)
MDFU53VA30.3" x 34.4" x 78.3" (770 x 870 x 1990 mm)660 lbs (299 kg)
MDFU56VC30.3" x 34.4" x 78.3" (1010 x 870 x 1990 mm)672 lbs (305 kg)
MDFU76VAPA39.8" x 34.4" x 78.3" (1010 x 870 x 1990 mm)805 lbs (365 kg)
MDFU76VC39.8" x 34.4" x 78.3" (1010 x 870 x 1990 mm)805 lbs (365 kg)
ModelElectrical Requirement
MDFC8V1115V, 20 amp, 5-20P / 5-20R
MDFU33V115V, 60Hz, 15 amp, 5-15P / 5-15R
MDFU53VA115V, 20 amp, 5-20P / 5-20R
MDFU56VC208-230V, 15 amp, 6-15P / 6-15R
MDFU76VAPA115V, 60 Hz, 20 amp, 5-20P / 5-20R
MDFU76VC208-230V, 15 amp, 6-15P / 6-15R
Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
CHEST VIP+ FREEZER, -80C, 84L (3.0 CU.FT.) // CONGeLATEUR HORIZONTAL + VIP -80C, 84L (3.0 PI.CU.) UNITeLogin to see pricing
Chest Vip+ Freezer, -80C, 84L (3.0 Cu.Ft.) with circular, 7-day, temperature chart recorder // Congelateur-coffre Vip+, -80C, 84 L (3, 0 pi3) avec enregistreur de temperature sur 7 jours, circulaireLogin to see pricing
UPRIGHT VIP ECO ULTRA LOW FREEZER, -86C, 845L (29.8 CU.FT.) 115V, NEMA 5-20P, 1 / EA // CONGeLATEUR VERTICAL ULTRA BASSE TEMPeRATURE -86C 845L/ 29.8 PI.CU . 115V, NEMA 5-20P, 1 / EALogin to see pricing