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BMP Spatulas, Spoons, and Knives

Disposable Sterile Spoons

Extra long handles for easy sample collection and reduced chance of contamination. Use for small amounts of dry or slurry samples. Each high impact polystyrene spoon is individually sealed inside its own plastic bag and Gamma sterilized. Flat base and unique handle design keeps the spoon upright on the bench.

Disposable Sterile Spatulas

Perfect for any powdered or caked materials. Heavy-duty edge breaks up hard-packed materials. One-piece construction is designed to hold twice the material as conventional reusable spatulas. Each high impact polystyrene spatula is individually sealed inside its own plastic bag and Gamma sterilized.

Disposable Sterile Knives

Serrated edge is perfect for fibrous materials. Each high impact polystyrene knife is individually sealed inside its own bag and Gamma sterilized.

Item #Approx. CapacityLength
BMP-SO4000.25 Tsp
1.23 mL
7 in
17.78 cm
BMP-SO4020.50 Tsp
2.46 mL
7 in
17.78 cm
BMP-SO4041.0 Tsp
4.93 mL
7 in
17.78 cm
BMP-SO4061.0 Tbsp
14.79 mL
7 in
17.78 cm
BMP-MS1200-9 in
22.86 cm
BMP-MS1202-7.125 in
18.10 cm
Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
Sterile Disposable Spatula 9in. (22.86cm) 100/CS // Spatlue Stérile 9po. (22.86cm) 100/CSELogin to see pricing
Sterile Disposable Spoon 0.25 tsp 5.93in. 200/CS // Cuillère Stérile 0,25c. à thé 5.93po 200/CSELogin to see pricing
Sterile Disposable Spoon 0.5 tsp 6.45in. 200/CS // Cuillère Stérile 0,5c. à thé 6.45po 200/CSELogin to see pricing
Sterile Disposable Spoon 1.0 tsp 7.71in. 200/CS // Cuillère Stérile 1,0c. à thé 7.71po 200/CSELogin to see pricing
Sterile Disposable Spoon 1.0 Tbsp 6.5in. 200/CS // Cuillère Stérile 1,0c. à table 6.5po 200/CSELogin to see pricing