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CellPath EcoSlide and OmniStore


EcoSlide provides a cost effective solution to the long-term storage of microscope slides. Slides are stored in 5 rows separated by full height dividers. The box and integral hinged lid are manufactured from high strength board for rigidity and durability.

EcoSlide is strong enough to enable boxes to be stacked on top of each other (maximum 5). Contents can be marked on the end of each box. Both boxes are available flat-packed or ready assembled.

Every EcoSlide is supplied with a pre-printed archive label for clear identification and rapid retrieval.


Made from corrugated cardboard, the new OmniStor 4 is an all in one storage unit supplied in two versions – Standard in flat packs of 25 or ready assembled in singles and the Superior option ready assembled in singles in high visibility orange varnish.

The OmniStor 4 is supplied with four drawers, each capable of housing 88 unmounted System II processing cassettes or 500 standard microscope slides without cover slips. The real strength of this product is its modular nature, which allows it to store blocks and slides either separately or together in the same unit for the first time. By removing the central drawer divider, the OmniStor 4 will also store super mega blocks and super mega slides.

Item No.DescriptionQuantityPrice
Omnistor 4 Standard (Flatpack) 25/pk // Omnistor 4 standard (emballage à plat) 25/pqtLogin to see pricing
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Omnistor 4 Drawer 20/CSLogin to see pricing
Ecoslide 1000 Flatpack 25/CS // Ecoslide 1000 emballage à plat 25/CSELogin to see pricing
Ecoslide 1300 Flatpack 25/CS // Ecoslide 1300 emballage à plat 25/CSELogin to see pricing